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2001 Slingshot Jr #02391 (EPN)

Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2011-12-22)
Price paid : US $ 750.0

Reverend has always been a familiar face. I use to take music lessons at Joe\'s Music on Gratiot in Eastpointe when I was a teenager. Reverends use to be displayed everywhere; always curious and always proud to see the 586 area code in my guitar magazines. Twelve years later I finally am an owner of an original.

Long story short - I tried to go back to my past and re-energize my childhood through equipment that inspired me. I had checked out Reverend but decided on getting a Danelectro (another familiar instrument used through the help of friends) - well I knew that the USA made Reverends are some of the most sought after versions; however nothing was available. I thought i\'d just enjoy a cheap Danelectro that I could bring anywhere to be inspired to write. I ordered a JP mod reissue and that I\'d just use it for what it\'s worth.

Well-maybe a long story now. I was just browsing ebay and typed in Reverend. And all of a sudden I found a USA made Reverend being sold by someone from the same city I live in (Saint Clair Shores - a couple miles west of Eastpointe) there I knew that I had to sell that Danelectro (that has yet to arrive). I knew that $750 wasn\'t quite in my initial budget but I was going to sell some gear to justify it.

I found a \'57 Yellow Slingshot Jr. with an Eastpointe neck;including the tuxedo case. I thought it was fitting that I\'d support the past that was so close to me (in my memory and location).

I just picked up today and I couldn\'t be more happier with it. It\'s exactly what I want for inspiration and a new tool to use to jam with.

Reverend was definitely inspired by Danelectro but with the craftsmanship of a modern guitar. And it would be very unfair to even compare Reverend to the Danelectro (Evets Corp.) that are being manufactured in China.

Note: I do have all original stock parts - but this guitar had a modification in the volume and tone controls - which I think I\'ll keep on because it really reminds me of a vintage style looking guitar from the \'50s.

Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2011-12-22)
Price paid : US $ 750.0

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