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Yamaha RGX420 Drop 6

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2012-08-15)
Price : US $ 240

Yamaha RGX420 Drop 6 Yamaha RGX420 Drop 6

This is the the Yamaha RGX-420S Drop 6 electric guitar. 26.25\\\" scale length.

The Drop 6 line was designed in conjunction with Ty Tabor who requested that Yamaha build him a long scale guitar for drop tunings. The scale length of the RGX makes it the perfect balance between a baritone and standard electric. The 26.25\\\" scale lets you tune to standard if you like with the ability to drop it down to B standard depending on string gauge. (usually tuned B E A D F# B )

This Drop 6 features an alder body and maple neck for great tonal response and balance. The body is satin finished to let the wood resonate naturally- resulting in a guitar that\\\'s loud- even unplugged.

When you plug this beauty in, the dual ceramic humbuckers take that tone and add some high gain to the mix. The bridge pickup is capable of some serious chunk for great rhythms and sonorous leads. The neck pickup brings thick sustain for fast picked passages and singing bends. The pickups were designed specifically for the long scale so, even your lowest tunings retain clarity.

The five way switch splits the coils as you go across, so you also have full access to great cleans. Onboard you also have \\\'blower switch\\\'- no matter what position or volume setting you are on, you can just hit the switch and it turns the bridge pickup on fully open. This is a real life saver if you are playing songs that require you to shift back and forth between clean and distortion. A great tool. This RGX also has a Floyd Licensed floating double locking tremolo. This lets you dive and pull and always come back in tune. The neck here is a super thin U profile and the fretboard has a 14\\\" radius. This enables fast playing, low action, and effortless bends. This is a player piece for sure. This guitar is in excellent condition- a small scuff on the backside and one fingernail sized ding just above the bridge. - nothing that affects the tone or playability whatsoever. The frets are clean

This is your chance to get your hands on a rare monster guitar and get out of your creative rut. The Drop 6 is made to be tuned as low as B standard- now you don\\\'t have to learn a 7 string!

RGX 420S drop 6

Features and specifications

§ Body -- alder or ash

§ Neck -- maple

§ Bridge -- traditional fulcrum or Floyd Rose-licensed locking vibrato

§ Pickups -- two Alnico humbuckers

§ Frets -- 24 jumbo

§ Colors: Dark Grey Satin

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2012-08-15)

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