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Kent 12-string acoustic flat-top

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2013-05-13)
Price : US $ 265.

Kent 12-string acoustic flat-top Kent 12-string acoustic flat-top Kent 12-string acoustic flat-top Kent 12-string acoustic flat-top Kent 12-string acoustic flat-top Kent 12-string acoustic flat-top

I purchased this guitar at a moving sale "blinded" by the Hofner logo and the "Made By Hofner" sticker inside the sound hole thinking it was a Hofner. The seller told me he was from the UK and he had brought the guitar from the UK years ago and was moving back to UK. I took it home and started to polish the headstock and accidentally rubbed off a corner of the "Hofner" decal, but noticed what looked like a mother-of-pearl logo behind the decal, so I kept rubbing the decal until I saw it reads "KENT" in mother of pearl. Someone went through a lot of trouble to fake this guitar into a "Hofner", the job looked very professionally done. I was shocked but not dissapointed because I happen to collect Kent 820 guitars which are excellent quality. This 12-string acoustic is no different, it sounds great, the Spruce top is very fine quality, and the Back and Sides are high quality bookmatched Mahogany. It has a very curious removable Strap Holder which I have not seen in any other guitar. This Kent is similar to other Kent 12-string acoustic guitars shown in this site except it does not have a metal Tailpiece, the strings are routed at the Bridge with Pegs. I think this is a very early model based on the overall aging or "patina" of this guitar. I like that it has a zero fret because it helps ease the action. (Hofner guitars also have zero frets). You can see the KenT logo "T" letter in the headstock picture where I rubbed off the decal, it is right above the "R" in Hofner. Includes chipboard case which may or may not be original. Shipping is extra, I only charge actual shipping cost, no charge for packing or handling. Payment by Paypal.

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2013-05-13)

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