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Ibanez Saber S 270 SOL

Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2013-10-30)
Price paid : US $ 819

Ibanez Saber S 270 SOL Ibanez Saber S 270 SOL Ibanez Saber S 270 SOL

The Saber has two special features: the guitar has an extremely thin neck and the body has the shape of a European flounder (a flatfish). At the edges, the body is getting thinner. In the middle, the body has only a thickness of 1.6 inches; at the top and bottom edges, this is only .75 inch. Together with the two rounded cutaways, it gives the guitar a modern and successful optical form that allows playing very well and also keeps the weight of the guitar within limits. The body of the S 270 is made of unpainted mahogany, a heavy wood with a warm, soft and sustain rich sound.

The head is slightly bending backwards and has been glued on the neck between the first and second fret. This Ibanez known method is to ensure the stability of the guitar. The "Wizard II" neck is an one piece maple, and tightly secured with four screws on the body. The transition from the neck to the body is near the 17th fret. The thickness of the broad D-shaped neck is .67 inch at the first fret, and only .79 at the 12th fret. Nevertheless, the neck is not unstable. The .19 inch thick glued rosewood fingerboard adds to that stability.

The classic 25.5 inch scale has 22 large jumbo frets (.11 inch wide and 0.05 inch high) that increase the playability.

The head

Between the neck and the head lies the saddle which is provided with three clamps, each for two strings. The locking system is, as in an original Floyd Rose, tightened with two screws through the neck so that it has been pierced twice.

The adjusting nut on the tie rod is hidden behind a plastic cover. The head has closed Gotoh keys on one side. At the rear, the type and serial number is stamped.

Too bad that the head has been painted black. Along with the large - somewhat ugly - logo, this dissonatess with the beauty of the guitar, which has been finished in unpainted mahogany.

The hardware

The single locking tremolo is made ​​under Floyd Rose license. The three springs are hidden at the back, covered by a plate lying on (ergo: not in) the back of the guitar. The tremolo system itself is milled and recessed in the guitar. The cavity has a small rubber mat so that the fine tuner screws does not directly touch the wood at extremely tremolo use.

The hardware on the Saber comes in black, like the humbucker frames. The connection for the jack is nicely recessed into the body, so that the cable leaves the guitar in a straight line.

The electronics

The S 270 has two humbuckers and a single coil pickup, volume and tone control and a five way switch. The Korean S 270 model has two Powersound humbuckers and a Powersound single-coil pickup. The five-way switch works, as with the JEM, as follows: position 1, 3 and 5 recall the three elements separately; with the in between positions 2 and 4, the middle element combines as a single coil switched humbucker (one coil is switched off).

The humbuckers are mounted in metal frames, the single-coil pickup is screwed directly onto the wood. The electronics cavity on the back is decorated with shielding laque, the plastic cover is fitted with aluminum foil. An exemplary foreclosure; the guitar hardly has noises.


The Saber is very easy to play, especially the thin neck is very pleasant. The tremolo can give some trouble. The casted tremolo arm is quite far from the guitar which has the advantage that it does not get in the way when playing, but is has the disadvantage that you have to grab further for action.

The sound

Unplugged, the S 270 convinces all by its bright, rich sustain and percussive tone and a good touch. The combination of the small mahogany body (warm and round), maple neck (clear) and the "Floyd Rose" system is debet to it.

The single coil has a somewhat thin and bright tone, causing the intermediate positions to have much high. The two humbuckers have enough power, the bridge pickup is bright and the neck pickup has a lot of bass.

[This text has been translated from Dutch to English by the author. I apologize for any grammatical mistakes.]

Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2013-10-30)
Price paid : US $ 819

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