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Vintage 70's Alvarez Yairi DY85 Tone Cannon

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2007-12-24)
Price : US $617.00

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This is a used Yairi DY85 up for grabs from the good old 70's. The serial number is 21279. This guitar has seen alot and has its fair share of dings and scratches. I tried to show this in the pictures, but her beauty overcomes her flaws! I have hands down never hear a guitar louder than this one. She has been played therefore the magic of vibration has turned the soundboard into a musical sling shot!! You won't have trouble playing over other instruments with this baby. Martin guys will be running away in shame at the local Bluegreass jam! The guitar has a a wear mark into the wood where the previous owner rested his finger. I tried to show this in the picture. It is right by the pickguard. There are no cracks in the wood though from weather and such, just your normal dings and scratches you may expect from a guitar that has been played for over 30 years. The frets show little to no wear though and the playability is fabulous. This is the kind of guitar you play a big G chord on and listen to the never ending sustain and harmonic overtones. I have only heard one guitar in my 30 years of playing that sounded as nice as this one tonewise. The top is solid spruce, fretboard is ebony, and the back and sides are Rosewood. There is abalone all over this guitar. The tuners are gold Grovers and could use a little tune-up themselves. I tightened up the screws a bit and the turning is a bit stiff. I believe they need a good lube job. The guitar does stay in tune great though just the way she is. I have just given the neck an oil treatment and threw on some brand new Diaddario EXP coated light guage strings. The inlays on the neck of this guitar are amazing by th

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2007-12-24)

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