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BC Rich USA Warlock

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2007-12-24)
Price : US $225.00

BC Rich USA Warlock BC Rich USA Warlock BC Rich USA Warlock BC Rich USA Warlock

***NO RESERVE***USA made B.C. Rich Warlock. Ser #BC31115. Licensed Floyd Rose double locking tremolo with no wear,rust, or discoloration, what I believe to be DiMarzio pickups-sound very good, DiMarzio strap setup, Grover tuners, Flawless blood red paint except for very small touched up chips on 3 out of 4 of the pointy ends. Very nice overall shape and a really good american guitar. Now for the flaws. I'm not going to try and sell something and not disclose what I find to be issues so here goes. I purchased a USA STIII for my girlfriend for X-mas and noticed that the neck on it had the typical rear-nut mounted stress crack, well I robbed the neck off this guitar and put it on that one because it was absolutly perfect. Newer USA BCR's say made in USA on the headstock but this neck doesn't because it came off an old STIII (same neck,same headstock-rosewood board, awesome unfinished maple on the back). For sake of proving that it's a USA neck-this can be verified on forum-first production run st3's didn't have the made in usa logo but were the same necks used for subsequent years. Next issue, and entirely my fault because of a faulty drill stop-well my error for it not being tight enough, was that when I drilled new 1/32' pilot holes to put the neck on right, the last hole I drilled, the drill stop slid up the bit and went through the fretboard at the 17th fret. Yes, I invented curse words when this happened!!! Please don't send hate mail because of this, I've already beat myself up over this mistake enough :-)'s cosmetic, doesn't affect playablity and could be

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2007-12-24)

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