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Harmony Stella 12 string guitar

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-06-28)
Price : US $305.00

Harmony Stella 12 string guitar Harmony Stella 12 string guitar Harmony Stella 12 string guitar Harmony Stella 12 string guitar

Up for auction is a mid-'60s Harmony Stella 12 string guitar. I checked the Harmony guitar database
and this one looks like the 912 - everything seems to indicate it is. It does have the adjustable truss rod.
It's solid birch construction with ladder bracing. I bought it from a guy on ebay awhile back who advertised is it 'great' condition. He was wrong about that.
I sent it to Mike Hauver for a thorough going-over (Mike Hauver does much of the refurbishing for
Neil Harpe's guitars - see Neil's website on Stellas - great stuff!). Anyway - he performed the following
on this one:

neck reset,
stabilize/cleat several surface cracks,
reglue ALL braces,
replace the original bridge/saddle (metal saddle - comes with the guitar) with an ebony/bone,
replace the original nut with a bone nut,
and cut and install new pickguard (the originals were bolt-on and it was missing so he got a template from
N. Harpe to cut this one).

It's now in wonderful playing condition, sounds great, and it won't need any work for many years to come.
I found a new tweed, vintage-style, hard shell case
that fits it like a glove.
Here's an excerpt from the original catalog:

Original catalog description

[1966 catalog]
Auditorium size, made of selected hardwoods. Well shaped neck with adjustable Torque-Lok reinforcing rod. Ebonized maple fingerboard and bridge. Strings are in pairs, to be tuned in unison or octaves. Shaded reddish brown mahogany stained finish with yellow sunburst effect. White striped edges and soundhole.
No. 912 - Size : 15 1/8 x 33/4

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2008-06-28)

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Chris Young said...
No offensie intentended,but the catalog is wrong.Originally,Stella Guitars were made in three groups,concert(25 in scale),Grand concert(25,251\2,26 in scale)and jumbo auditorium(-26,27,28in scale),often the real jumbos with 161\2 bout.Neil Harpe has said"If It can't tune done one full octave-its not a Stella".I owned a 912 Harmony,It had a synthetic neck,which could not be adjusted.I am working on a book for the Hal Leonard which will be an advanced method of the style of Will Samuel-McTier aka Blind Willie Mctell where I suggest A Bajo Sexto may be converted to a modern ladder braced equilivolent 12 string,or a 29 in scale acoustic bass converted to a barritone,long scale 'plectrum'style guitar,as the Stella Guitar was designed also to be the barritone voice of the early 20th c.string ensembles and Mandolin Orchestras.Chris Young