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Dean Acoustic Electric Guitar w/ EQ

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-07-21)
Price : US $147.50

Dean Acoustic Electric Guitar w/ EQ Dean Acoustic Electric Guitar w/ EQ Dean Acoustic Electric Guitar w/ EQ Dean Acoustic Electric Guitar w/ EQ

I bought this Dean roughly two years ago, not really thinking much of the purchase because honestly, I just thought the body looked really cool.  If you're into cool looking guitars this may be your gig.  If you're looking for a beginner to an intermediate guitar, this is definately your deal, especially if you plan on playing through an amp quite often.  I'm used to playing an Alvarez AJ-60SC (an amazing acoustic), and compared to the Alvarez, sound has a 'tinnier' quality to it, but sounds a thousand times better than those Stratacoustic guitars made by Fender.

Regarding the condition, there are two minor (~1in. long, .5mm deep, 1 mm wide) dents on the front portion of the body, and two more on the bottom side.  One is about 6 mm long, 1mm deep, 2 mm wide; and the other is about 2 mm long and wide, 1 mm deep.  On the back portion, there are two more dents, both about 2 mm in diameter, and 1 mm deep.  Also on the back there are two considerably large scratches down the back of the guitar, both about 8 inches long, that could probably be buffed out if you had the wax and time to do so. 

But don't think this guitar is in horrible condition, I only described the dents because I want to make sure you know everything about the condition this guitar is in.  To find those blips, you really have to search for them, and to the untrained eye, the guitar looks like it's brand new.%2

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2008-07-21)

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