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1990 Martin D28P guitar

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-07-21)
Price : US $1,350.

1990 Martin D28P guitar 1990 Martin D28P guitar 1990 Martin D28P guitar 1990 Martin D28P guitar 1990 Martin D28P guitar 1990 Martin D28P guitar

I am re-listing this guitar at a kinda reduced buy it now price with a lowered reserve price.What I have here is a 1990 Martin D28P guitar in great shape. It's at the age where the woods are aging together to give it it's own dinstict,rich sound. It's my understanding that the D28P is the fore runner for the HD28 because of the low-profile neck, which plays like a dream all the way up and down the fretboard.The spec's are the same as on any Martin  D28 of that era,with the same materials and woods being used. The back of the guitar is quite possibly the richest piece I have ever seen. I just had my area's premier luthier go over the guitar entirely and he says it's worth 2-3000 dollars. I brought it to him because the binding had come loose and that, I guess is quite common and a rather easy, permanent fix.The guitar also has  very light weather checking that obviously has nothing to do with the sound, and I couldn't get it in the pictures. This guitar has been played and appreciated very much. Once you pick this guitar up, you aren't going to want to put it down because it makes sounds that I have never heard on any other D28's....deep, rich and light where it's supposed to be. I truly hate letting this go, but other financial situations have come up and I have no choice. I'm not desparate by any means,so,please respect the instrument when making your bid. The guitar comes with an almost brand new 6 latch TKL hard case that I recently paid 150 dollars for.. The number stamped inside is 500153 for those who want to check it's age. I prefer either a cashier's check or money order a

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2008-07-21)

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Jon White said...
I bought a 1990 D-28 P for a little over a grand (GB£)off a guy on eBay yesterday. Well played, and a few little scratches n dings, but nicely set up and fully functional. Beautiful deep, rich, (genuine aged) honey-coloured fairly tight-grained, spruce top. Nice dark E I Rosie back n sides. Absolutely classic vintage looks. (Someone upgraded to some nice Martin logo (Grover or Gotoh??) gold plated tuners, not long ago by their looks. A bit of binding on back edge has come lose, but that's an easy fix, (as someone else said here). Here's the thing... It looks and feels fantastic, and I may grow to love it.. BUT it hardly SOUNDS any different from my plain 2006 Martin DM (Solid spruce top 'hog' ply back n sides, matte finish, £450 S/H off eBay). Both strung with new SP mediums. OK, The D 28 probably has got a LITTLE more depth and mellowness to the tone, not sure if it's 600 quids' worth more though.. I thought it would be much louder.. Either that, or I happen to have got a really lucky, GREAT DM... Anyway, the D-28 sure is a mighty purdy ol' gal and I'll be keeping her, least til something else really blows her away... I've yet to get any second opinions from friends that play...

Jon White said...
Addition to my first comments: Forgot to mention they BOTH SOUND BLOODY FABULOUS !! Proper, Big Boss MARTIN Cannons!! Must try n learn to PLAY properly. Long Jon. (24 June 2011)

Adrina Kibler said...
Circa 1986, the P was designated to distinguish the Low Profile neck when Martin was still manufacturing both the full thickness neck and low profile neck. The P was dropped when the low profile neck became the standard neck shape in 1991.