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Fender Custom Shop Nocaster NOS

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-07-22)
Price : US $1,400.

Fender Custom Shop Nocaster NOS Fender Custom Shop Nocaster NOS Fender Custom Shop Nocaster NOS Fender Custom Shop Nocaster NOS

This is a 2006 Custom Shop Nocaster NOS. It is a great sounding guitar. I have been the only owner and have taken it on the road, to recording sessions, and to club dates. It is a real player!  I have modified it a bit, starting with the bridge. The bridge is a Callaham Model T with three slanted brass saddles. These are the bridges that Brad Paisley puts on all of his guitars. The specs can be found at under Tele parts. The saddles are slanted for the purpose of intonation and I achieved perfect intonation with this guitar, although I haven't checked it in a long time. The Callaham bridge is a serious piece of gear and has added significantly to the tone of this already great guitar. I do not have the original bridge anymore, as it was inferior in every way to the Callaham.
The second modification is the wiring, which was done by a very good tech here in Nashville. It is wired for the typical tele pickup configuration- bridge, both pickups, and neck pickup. The traditional wiring setup (volume and tone pots, weird capacitor for the super dark neck pickup tone, and the vintage cloth wiring) is included but is not installed. The replacement controls with the modern Tele wiring are installed, and contain Callaham cryogenic pots for the volume and tone pots.
Other than that, it's all stock. The Nocaster pickups are awesome, not as hot as most Tele pups, but very balanced. Seriously, this guitar is one of the only Tele's I've played that has a bright, present top end that is musical instead of ear-splitting. The fat neck has a solid joint with the body, and the guitar feels very stu

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2008-07-22)

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