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Classic Teisco Rock Guitar

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2007-10-01)
Price : US $77.00

Classic Teisco Rock Guitar Classic Teisco Rock Guitar Classic Teisco Rock Guitar Classic Teisco Rock Guitar Classic Teisco Rock Guitar Classic Teisco Rock Guitar Classic Teisco Rock Guitar Classic Teisco Rock Guitar

Mid to late 1960s vintage Teisco Del Rey rock machine. Some Teiscos are cool and others not so much. Kinda depends on your taste. I have several models and own two of these. The other one I am keeping as it is almost pristine. I bought this one for parts if the other had problems. But it's just taking up space. The headstock on this is worth the price of admission. Who came up with that monstrosity? This guitar probably looks a bit better in the pictures than it will in the flesh. It has its share of dings and bumps. The tremolo (whammy bar, vibrato or whatever) cover is definitely pitted from sweat over the years. Other metal parts are pretty clean. The neck has a truss rod, is straight and the frets and fingerboard are in very good condition. I have cleaned the electronics so that volume and tone controls and the rocker switches work well and without any scratching noise. The guitar has good tonal variety with the two pickups and is a good player. Tuners work fine. I like the sound of these particular pickups. Teisco made a bunch of different ones. Lots of people look for the gold foil pickups because Ry Cooder (I think) used them in one of his guitars. Well get this: I saw this guitar in a display of Marilyn Manson memorabilia at the Hard Rock in either NYC or Boston, maybe Niagra Falls-can't remember now. How about them apples? It is totally meaningless I know and I not claiming anyone of note every used this guitar or one like it, but you cannot mistake the appearance of this thing. I thought it was interesting that I saw it displayed somewhere other than somebody's  musty basement or yard sale. The Teisco emblem is missing off th

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2007-10-01)

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