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Upgraded Dean electric guitar

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2007-10-11)
Price : US $77.00

Upgraded Dean electric guitar Upgraded Dean electric guitar Upgraded Dean electric guitar Upgraded Dean electric guitar

This has been the guitar I always go back to, I will truly be sad to see it go. Before you say that this is the cheapest Dean guitar they make please read on. This guitar has an unbelievably easy neck to play, the action is equal to every Gibson I've owned in the past with no fret-buzz. The original tuners that came on this guitar were a complete joke, which is mainly why you hear complaints against this guitar. How is any guitar going to sound good if it doesn't stay in tune? I installed Grover Locking tuners ($50), imo these are the best locking tuners made, you put the string in the hole and pull it semi-taught and within a half a turn the strings is locked and just about tuned. The pickups are excellent and great for all styles, can get very good harmonics with them. Volume, Tone and Pickup selector all work perfectly with no noise. The guitar is heavy, it's close to the weight of a Les Paul. The body is solid wood not ply. Except for the original tuners this guitar is very well built. Don't buy a new one, this is in 9.9 condition and you'll have to buy and change the tuners yourself. I know you will love this guitar therefore I'll give a 3 day money back guarantee, minus the shipping cost back to me. The strings on it are old but still sound good to me. This guitar rocks plain and simple. Comes with a new good quality gig bag.

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2007-10-11)

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