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19th Century Classical Guitar

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-06-28)
Price : US $665.00

19th Century Classical Guitar 19th Century Classical Guitar 19th Century Classical Guitar 19th Century Classical Guitar 19th Century Classical Guitar

For your consideration one used 19th Century Classical Guitar Copy. This instrument is patterned after an original generally assumed to have been built in the shop of Johann Georg Stauffer in Vienna, ca. 1835.

The original is not believed to have been built by J.G. Stauffer himself but most likely a highly skilled shop assistant. The body is conventional Stauffer in design and construction, as such is indistinguishable from a Stauffer instrument. The neck and fingerboard are Stauffer'esque' being joined to the body with a single screw via a pivot, so that the neck angle (thus the action) may be adjusted by turning a key (which is removable for safe keeping) at the base of the heel, and the fingerboard carries over the table without touching it, often referred to as a 'flying fingerboard'. The head, however, is different from the Stauffer 'Legnani' model of the same design in that it is rectangular in shape instead of the slipper shape and carries the tuners on both sides rather than the unique design used by Stauffer. The neck profile is slightly thicker and more square than the normal Stauffer neck which leads to the belief that the instrument may have been a special order.

This copy was handbuilt by myself. Since retiring from a concert career in 1984, I have been building period guitars part time and marketing them through my company Roseberry Woodworking (Guitars),

I also own the original instrument from which this copy was made (Not for sale!). A faithful copy of the original instrument was made with the exception of the ke

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2008-06-28)

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