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Custom made fanned fret guitar Not Novax

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-06-28)
Price : US $405.00

Custom made fanned fret guitar   Not Novax Custom made fanned fret guitar   Not Novax Custom made fanned fret guitar   Not Novax Custom made fanned fret guitar   Not Novax

I bought this a few years ago on eBay. The seller told me that he made it while working at Warrior guitars. I later came across a bass with similar body design and contours. I contacted the builder who told me that he made this guitar and sold it to the guy I bought it from, who painted it pink. It used t be black, according to the builder and as evidenced by a paint chip that reveals black underneath. The photos do not do the color justice. I am not enamored with the color (call me old fashioned) but everyone else seems to love it. It is not a pro paint job and it does have a few chips in the paint that have been there since I bought it.
Overall condition is good. It is definitely a player, not a showcase piece, but it did get lots of attention, questions and comments whenever I used it on a gig.

Here are the specs:

• Ash body with maple wings (what the builder told me); set maple neck
• Purpleheart fretboard with white binding – 24 frets
• Snakewood nut
• Single coil pickup in the neck position (unknown brand)
• Kent Armstrong humbucker in bridge position
• Concentric volume knobs
• Sealed mini tuners
• Hard-shell case included

It plays well. I have .013s on it (I like ‘em heavy), and it would be easier with lighter strings, I’ll leave that to you. I played it quite a bit until I broke down and bought a high-end fanned fret. It was definitely a cheaper way into the fanned fret world and I enjoyed it immensely. If you are looking for a cheaper way into trying the fanned fret concept, this is for you. I have enjoyed thi

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2008-06-28)

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