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1964 Gibson es335tdc guitar

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-07-24)
Price : US $25,000

1964 Gibson es335tdc guitar 1964 Gibson es335tdc guitar 1964 Gibson es335tdc guitar

In 1966 my parents bought a used Gibson es335tdc for my 15th birthday for $250.00 at LaTosca Music in Montreal. I had spent weeks looking at guitars and chose this one. At home I saw that the serial number had been totally removed from the label on the inside of the f hole and partially removed from the back of the head. At 15 years old, I never considered returning it because to me it was the most beautiful guitar I had seen in months of shopping.  

I never became a serious musician and the guitar has spent most of the last 40 years in the case (shown here with my 1960’s collage of rock photos from Life and Look magazines of the time) in a closet and is in superb original condition. Having recently decided to sell it, I was surprised to find out that it is rather valuable. Two years ago George Gruhn of Gruhn Guitars in Nashville appraised it at $20,000 US.  

Macro photography reveals a partial serial number 70?73 (see photo). I was told by Gibson Nashville that the partial serial number and patent numbers on the back of the pickups date the guitar as 1964. This makes it a Clapton Crossroads Gibson.  

So, I have commissioned my nephew, Kevin to offer my 1964 Gibson es335tdc at a starting price of $25,000.00 US.  


Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2008-07-24)

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Tom Yakobina said...
The guitar was never sold!?! Where did you get my photos? What kind of a fantasy website is this?!? I am mow in the process of selling the old Gibson to any majon American guitar shop for a reasonable price.

Tom Yakobina said...
I apologize for the sarcasm and the typos in the initial response. The guitar is now for sale.