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1955 Fender Champion Lap Steel Guitar Champ

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-07-25)
Price : US $609.01

1955 Fender Champion Lap Steel Guitar Champ 1955 Fender Champion Lap Steel Guitar Champ

This is a 1955 model as per serial number 7681 (click link for dating Fender) . 1955 was the last year these were made, so it is no later than that. That makes it 53 years old!

You have to verify Fender history on these, but I believe these were the first type of instruments made by Fender. Leo Fender was still running the business back then too, so these are definitely collectible.

Ebay has a very informative guide on the Fender Champion here.

This has all original electronics, the tuners were replaced because the originals naturally decay over time. Period. The tuners work real nice, no weird spots when you turn them.

The pickup is the same they used in the Telecaster models, and it's awesome. Hand wound! Its very hot and sounds great (Led Zep) if you put it through a nice tube amp. Of course, you can play it through a nice mellow amp too, and again, it sounds wonderful.

3 Octaves available, tune however you like. The 'fret' board is just a piece of metal and acts as a guide for pitch.

I did not take a picture of the extras, but I have a slide and capo that is made for this insturment and a few picks.

The finish is called 'Pearloid' and the back is sort of unfinished... that's how they sold them new.

The original case is still intact and functional. These were 'chipboard' cases (fancy word for condensed cardboard), so it does have flaws. Just take care of it because it adds to the value.

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Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2008-07-25)

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