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Martin Stinger SGV Electric Guitar

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2007-10-13)
Price : US $147.50

Martin Stinger SGV Electric Guitar Martin Stinger SGV Electric Guitar Martin Stinger SGV Electric Guitar Martin Stinger SGV Electric Guitar Martin Stinger SGV Electric Guitar Martin Stinger SGV Electric Guitar Martin Stinger SGV Electric Guitar Martin Stinger SGV Electric Guitar

From Vintage Guitar Magazine

In 1985, coincident with the dramatic increase in quality among Korean manufacturers, Martin unveiled its Stinger line of solidbody electrics made on the peninsula south of the DMZ.

As with most other imported Martin products, Stinger guitars were made in Korea and shipped to the Martin factory for a final inspection and set-up before being sent on to dealers. Essentially, Martin Stingers are well-made entry level guitars pretty much following conventional lines of the marketplace.

Martin never actually produced Stinger catalogs, so a detailed accounting is pretty difficult. However, there were four basic Stinger body styles, a fairly conventional Strat shape, a Strat-style with an arched top, a Tele and a Fender-style bass. These came in a variety of finish and pickup configuration options. Headstocks were a kind of modified Strat-style six-in-line, with a pointed throat and slightly hooked nose, with a painted triangular Stinger logo running under the strings. All had bolt-on maple necks. Guitars had a 25.4” scale, while the basses were 34”ers.

The core of this early Stinger line can be seen in an undated flyer which could be anywhere from around 1986 to ’88. Strat-style guitars included the SWG, SGV and SSX. The arched-top Strats were the SSL-1, SSL-10 and SSL-20. The Tele was the STX, and the basses were the SBX and SBL-10.

The principal difference among the Strats was in finish options. All had 21-

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2007-10-13)

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Nano said...
Is the SSL-10 also made out of plywood, it looks like wood to me when i open it.

Where is there information on these types of models, the Stinger SSl-10 in perticular

Steve Provost said...
I own a Stinger STX (Tele style). I bought it used around 1996 for about $135. It played OK, the whammy worked well, and I liked the coil tap. But it was very heavy. I removed the pickguard and found out why. The body is made of plywood!!! I lost intrest in it after that. It's now fully disassembled. I could put it back together, but why bother? I now own a Fender Telecaster...

Nate said...
I have this same guitar and i am looking to sell it but i dont know what price to sell it at or what it is worth. if any info please email me