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'96 Schecter USA Tele Style

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2007-10-08)
Price : US $568.00

This is a fantastic example of what Schecter USA guitars are all about. I have owned several of these mid-late 90's USA Schecters and they are every bit as good as Fender Custom Shop or Anderson guitars - I have owned both and kept the Schecters.

This particular guitar has seen a great deal of playtime as it is a great sounding guitar with the lowest, fastest action of any guitar I have ever owned (well over 200). It features the tapped single-coils setup that gives a nice, fat take on the traditional Tele tones and with a pull on the tone knob you get more traditional sounds. I found this ideal for kicking my amp harder or dialing back the output to go between really distorted sounds and cleaner, lighter crunck. It is also capale of assuming full-on twang mode if you want to go there.

Since the body is Swamp ash finished with a tinted oil rather than poly, it breathes better but shows every little mark that has ever been layed on it. The neck is also an oil finished affair and shows a 'graying' due to hand oil and dirt. There are assorted nicks, bumps, scratches and a couple teeth marks on the end of the headstock (bad dog!!), and the Schecter decal is even flaking off a bit, so it is far from pristine and has a well-worn, old pair of blue jeans look and feel to it. It is not beaten or trashed, just well-used. This is 100% a player's guitar and will reward the new owner with great sounds, superb playability, and continued reliability. It come with a 'license plate' Schecter hard case that is from my PT. I would not consider selling this guitar

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2007-10-08)

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