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Gibson SG Special Faded Brown

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2007-10-19)
Price : US $355.00

Gibson SG Special Faded Brown Gibson SG Special Faded Brown Gibson SG Special Faded Brown Gibson SG Special Faded Brown Gibson SG Special Faded Brown Gibson SG Special Faded Brown

For sale is a Gibson SG Special, color Faded Brown.  I purchased it about 2 or 3 years ago from Guitar Center for $650, I believe it now sells at $580 new.  The guitar is in good condition physically, though it has a few scratches here and there - nothing more than normal wear and tear for a 3-year-old guitar.  However, at one point the neck was broken at the headstock.  It did not completely snap in two, but there was a decent-sized crack in it - the best way to understand what happened is to look at the pictures.  I had it professionally repaired by Michael Miller's Guitars in Colorado Springs, and it is almost good as new - you can still tell where the crack was, but the overall shape of the neck is just like it was originally.  Everything else is perfect - the electronics work great and the guitar plays as well as it did when I got it.

This is a great-sounding guitar that can be used for lots of applications; it especially sounds good in rock situations.  It has been my backup guitar for about a year since I bought a Fender Strat.  I like to have it around because it has humbuckers rather than single coils and is good for an alternate sound, but right now could really use the money.  I went into Guitar Center and they offered me $250 for it, so that's what I'm starting the bidding at - I know it's at least worth that much.  If you want an SG Special for less than half the price that still plays and sounds new, then this is the guitar for you.  It also comes with a Gibson gig bag, a

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2007-10-19)

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