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Jackson DKMG guitar

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2007-10-08)
Price : US $375.00

Jackson DKMG guitar Jackson DKMG guitar Jackson DKMG guitar Jackson DKMG guitar Jackson DKMG guitar

Jackson DKMG guitar Cobalt blue with two EMG-HZ pickups. This guitar is in 'like new' condition and has spent most of its life in the hardshell case. This guitar costs well over $700.00 new, plus $50.00 to have the brigde set up, and around $90.00 for the hardshell case. This was my back up guitar, which i am being forced to sell it to help pay off my soloist. To be honest i actually would prefer the overall feel of this model to that of my SL. This model has the 'Jackson Turbo charger' that when pulled gives you an adjustable mild to extreme boost that will make a clean tone sound like a lead tone, or a distortion sound massive, making harmonics abundant and very easy to hit. The guitar plays like new, and looks it as well, the only thing that i could barely notice was some very light pick marks in the usual spot when held up to the light, which im sure could be buffed out completely with some wax, which ill try to do before i ship it out. The hardshell case looks good overall other than a few scuffs, and a small crack (about 2 inches on the bottom corner) which does not compromise the integrity what-so-ever. The bridge has been set up to D tuning. I have the back plate off for the picture only and will be sent on the guitar when shipped. The guitar still has the Made in Japan sticker on the back of the neck to give you an idea of how little it was actually played. I will ship the whammy bar and allen wrenches with the guitar, i can't find the key for the case, because i never really needed it, if you want one you can order it th

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2007-10-08)

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