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12 String Yamaha FG 612S

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2007-10-24)
Price : US $300.00

12 String Yamaha FG 612S 12 String Yamaha FG 612S 12 String Yamaha FG 612S

This is a very rare Yamaha model FG612S, 12-string guitar, from the early 80s, in immaculate condition.  I believe it has a solid spruce top, laminated Indian rosewood back and sides and a rosewood 20 fret board. Fret markers are distinctive Yamaha diamond shapes.


It has a neck that is un-comparable to any other neck I've used in my entire life. It has strings which literally barely top the frets, yet never fret out...the action is great. It does not have a fat 12 string neck, yet there is no problem picking the strings out because the way it's made. This guitar is so treasured by me...even though I've had at least 50 others...that I can not tell you its value, in my opinion. I know new it was nowhere near what I'd ask for it at this juncture in my life...not for sentimental value, but because of its incredibly playability and quality. There simply is not a 12 string out there that I've ever picked up that has the tonal and playable quality of the Yamaha FG612S. But, I have only played 28 who knows what's out there now days. I do know that in my experience, it is a Class AAA guitar


It was made in Taiwan - Yamaha's classic dreadnaught shape with black pick guard. It has a solid spruce top, laminated Indian rosewood back and sides (this particular one has incredibly beautiful color and pronounced grain - I really thought it was Brazilian!) The purfling around the tone hole, the edge of both the top and back, and the strip down the middle of the back are all contrasting wood - a very modestly elegant touch. Neck and headstock appear to be o

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2007-10-24)

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ED BELTRAN said...
I HAVE A YAMAHA FG 612 S I BOUGTH IN A VINTAGE STORE, i new i was taking something special, is a fantastic sounding guitar and great looking,i use it as a 6 string .. it had a small accident and lost a nut.. ive been looking for one ..but no luck. out of 6 other more expencive guitars that i have my tele and the fg 612s are my loved ones.