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2001 Epiphone Korina Explorer w/Gibson case

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2007-11-03)
Price : US $383.88

2001 Epiphone Korina Explorer w/Gibson case 2001 Epiphone Korina Explorer w/Gibson case 2001 Epiphone Korina Explorer w/Gibson case

This 2001 Epiphone 'Korina' Explorer was purchased from a guitar collector friend of mine.

The guitar has rarely seen daylight since he bought it. He sold it to me (reluctantly) before he moved out of state. I replaced the bridge pickup (to suit my taste) but after 2 shows, I realized I'm too stuck on Les Pauls to play an Explorer. So, I'm gonna sell it to raise some cash before Christmas.

Like I just said, the guitar is all stock except the bridge pickup I switched. I put a chrome Seymour Duncan SH-6b in the guitar and it sounds great now. The original pickup was lack-luster.

Also, the original pickup has lots of discoloration, like it was flawed from the factory. It certainly isn't from playing wear! I included a picture of the pickup to see what I'm talking about.

Other than the discolored pickup, the only other flaws I could find is a small ding (about pin-sized) on the bottom next to the strap holder.....and on the back top edge of the headstock, there is a tiny bit ( inch) of white paint it traded with something. That's it! This thing is nearly FLAWLESS! Very little polishing swirls, very little pick scratches on the pickguard. You'd be lucky to find one in a store in this shape. The 'chrome' covered pickup (which doesn't match all the other gold hardware) doesn't look too bad. None of my guitar buddies noticed the difference. (It probably didn't catch your eye at first either)

I'm including the original pickup in with the deal (although you'd be crazy to

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2007-11-03)

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