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YAMAHA SG 1000 1978 79 Made MIJ JV

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2007-11-04)
Price : US $789.00

YAMAHA SG 1000 1978 79 Made MIJ JV YAMAHA SG 1000 1978 79 Made MIJ JV YAMAHA SG 1000 1978 79 Made MIJ JV

YAMAHA SG-1000 1978-79 Made MIJ JV


It's a cool Yamaha SG-1000 #003072. From serial, it should be made in 1978-79.

The collectors, here, said the standard head type. SG-1000 will be minor model changed

in 1986. This is earlier era SG model.


Scale : 628mm(22F)

Pick Up : Original OPG (Alnico V)

Control : 2V(Direct Circuit) 2T(Direct Circuit w/Bi-Sound Switch)

Body : Maple Mahogany

Neck : Maple Mahogany Set Neck

Finger Board : Ebony

Tuner : Di-cast with Torque control (Gold)

Weight : 4.26Kg


The condition of this guitar is good as 27 years old guitar.

The PU selector switch and original tuner was broken.

We replaced the switch to Stewart Mac, the tuner to Grover 102G gold.

I have checked the neck condition, truss-rod, electric circuit and other

areas. Generally, all fine. Fret should be 60-65% level, still O.K.

The dents are little bit on the top, side, bottom and back. But you can see

from the photos, these are not serious. On the back, there are buckle scratches.

I think these are acceptable level for JV guitar players.


Please enjoy Yahama Vintage SG !



This guitar will be packed soft plastic case (it's not new, used) and pack by our custom made

double carton box again. The shipping cost by EMS are :


For Asia US$78.00

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2007-11-04)

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