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Zager ZAD 50 Acoustic Guitar

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2007-11-08)
Price : US $330.00

Zager ZAD 50 Acoustic Guitar Zager ZAD 50 Acoustic Guitar Zager ZAD 50 Acoustic Guitar Zager ZAD 50 Acoustic Guitar

Offered for sale is my Zager ZAD-50. Considering both sound and appearance, at $595 it is an incredible guitar.  I thought I might want to play guitar, and when I retired I finally had time to give it a go.  I did a lot of web research and tried most of the recommended Ďstudentí guitars.   I finally settled on the ZAD-50.  I didnít want to get an expensive guitar only to find out that I didnít enjoy playing; the long term plan was that if I enjoyed playing and intended to continue, then Iíd buy a buy a Ďbetterí guitar later.  I got the ZAD-50 and did enjoy playing and in time I started looking at Ďbetterí guitars.  I tried a $1,650 and a $2,200 guitar.  Compared to the ZAD-50 the $1,650 guitar was clearly inferior in both sound and construction and the $2,200 guitar was about the same as the Zager.  But I wanted something better, so I kept looking.  I finally settled on a $6,000 guitar; it is now my every day guitar and the ZAD-50 spends most of the time in its case.  So, thatís why Iím selling a very nice guitar. 


Each time Iíve restrung the guitar, Iíve given it a light cleaning and polishing.  This has resulted in Denny Zagerís signature being rubbed off the back.  When I bought the guitar I ask if they had any blemished guitars that they could discount; they gave me a $50 discount because this guitar had a strap peg in the bottom of the neck block (where it shouldnít be).  I replaced that strap peg with

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2007-11-08)

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