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Martin OOOC 16GTE Acoustic Guitar

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2007-11-09)
Price : US $810.00

Martin OOOC 16GTE Acoustic Guitar Martin OOOC 16GTE Acoustic Guitar Martin OOOC 16GTE Acoustic Guitar Martin OOOC 16GTE Acoustic Guitar

This is a Martin OOOC-16GTE Acoustic Guitar,, it is in very good condition.I have used it for abut 6 yrs as a solo

musician,playing gigs,happy hrs,etc,,, it has served me well ! I own 2 of these so 1 must go! This one was set-up by a

Ct.  Authorized Martin Luthier  about 8 months ago and has not been played ever since he did it.It has sat in the case

since and I pulled it out to take the pics! When I sent it  to him for the work, my true friend  gave me his matching

16 GTE  to use/ borrow and then told me to keep it  because he ended up with a few more high end Martins & Taylors,

so thats how I eneded up with 2 ,,,, now the one for sale plays better than the one I use !!! Mine needs to go to the

luthier now! The guitar has been played and has a few minor nicks on the top and 1 on the headstock side between E

&  A string,nothing very noticable or serious.The  Fishman Eq is nice ,the guitar sounds great and people are always

commenting on its sound,, I do play it through a JBL P.A.  ,,,  just a quick note becuase I`m trying to as thourogh

as I can and I`m certainly no expert or a tech. I  use a dab of white out on the Vol Knob so I can see where the

volume is at on stage  where its usually dark. I just use a dab of it with a toothpick  in the sl

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2007-11-09)

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