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jackson rhoades pro professional guitar

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2007-12-20)
Price : US $730.00

jackson rhoades pro professional guitar jackson rhoades pro professional guitar jackson rhoades pro professional guitar jackson rhoades pro professional guitar

Very good condition.  Selling this because I do not play it and I just saw one sell for $790.00 on e-bay a few days ago. this is a very nice guitar. Has custom case and tremelo bar with it. It is a 1994, with seymour duncan pickups and shark fin inlay on the neck-which is what confuses me for the japan made ones that i have looked up have pearl dot inlay and different pickups. Since i have tried to sell this thing it has almost haunted me with riddel and confusion- I've had two sides of the fence strongly telling me what this is- either a japan made or custome prototype- I've taken it two a couple guitar shops and they are just as confused- because of the shark fin inlay and the seymour duncan pickups on a neck through- and cannot tell me one way or the other. to me it will always be a mystery. I've even called fender, who now owns jackson and low and behold they were only able to get there archives back as far as 2000something. If anyone has ever owned a japan model 1994 with shark fin inlay and seymour duncan pickups please write me, be sure it was a 1994 or make sure  i would appretiate it. And if anyone could explain the j serial number from the jackson web page saying that custom prototypes -some of them started with started with a j, repeat some of them, again would be appretiated.Need a good name or this god forsaken thing-any suggestions-I'll post them along with serial number. good luck all


thanks to alot of helpfull people on ebay- thanks to all you know who you all are- I've gotten to the bottom of this (I think lol). there was a japan made rhoads pro custom made

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2007-12-20)

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