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ESP/LTD Guitar MH400NT

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2007-12-18)
Price : US $365.00

ESP/LTD Guitar MH400NT ESP/LTD Guitar MH400NT ESP/LTD Guitar MH400NT ESP/LTD Guitar MH400NT



I purchased this guitar NEW 2 years ago, Iím the only owner and PLAYER!! Itís in immaculate condition. NO modifications, intonation is right on, and it plays like a dream!

The sustain on this instrument is top-notch, and the ACTIVE EMGís will absolutely SCREAM, w/o all the cycle-hum! The best part of this guitar is that the EMGís also allow you to switch to one of the most beautiful, melodic clean tones that youíll ever experience. This is a must-have for the hardest working ďgiggerĒ to the serious studio musician. A VERY DIVERSE INSTRUMENT!!

As for why Iím selling? I hate to part with it (here comes the church, but I purchased it to play in my churchís praise and worship band. Iíve since discovered a new passion within the church, and though I will be playing/writing music, I need to purchase other equipment, so itís either part with the ESP or my Alvarez Acoustic, and I canít part with that, because it was a giftÖlol

This is a BEAUTIFUL guitar, in PRISTINE condition!! I'm sorry the pictures turned out so dark. There are NO DINGS, SCRATCHES, PAINT CHIPS OR PEELING in the Translucent, Black Flame Finish, or hardware!! Itís just like it came out of the factory. The hard-shell case is included in this package, which lists for another &129.00. It has some minor scratches on the outside, NOT SERIOUS, but thatís what the case is for, and thatís why the instrument has NONE!!

Buyer is responsibl

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2007-12-18)

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