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Yamaha FG 75

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2007-12-18)
Price : US $142.50

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Hello and welcome.

Up for auction is a Yamaha FG 75 - serial #10707605 

This particular guitar model is from the early 1960's and amazingly looks and sounds absolutely beautiful.  

This guitar is in good to excellent condition overall for it's age and may need some minor adjustments. Personally, there is nothing I would do for the guitar as it plays fine for me as it is.

*It was missing one of it's bridge pins but has been replaced. Also it has been strung with a new set of strings.

I assume most of you who are looking at this auction are familiar with these Japan made 'Nippon Gakki' Red Labels and are well aware of  how they are known for their incredible tone and projection, however those of you who may not be so familiar, see the link below and read the various rave reviews-


Also, this auction includes what looks to be a CUSTOM designed case (see pictures) probably from the 60's as well, which is in fair to good condition, however I'm not sure if it's the original case but the guitar sure does fit snug. So you can rest assured that this guitar will be shipped with extreme care, aside the protection that the guitar case will offer, the box itself will be lined with protection popcor

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2007-12-18)

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