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Kent Polaris II Vintage 1960's

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2007-12-19)
Price : US $66.09

Kent Polaris II Vintage 1960 Kent Polaris II Vintage 1960 Kent Polaris II Vintage 1960 Kent Polaris II Vintage 1960 Kent Polaris II Vintage 1960 Kent Polaris II Vintage 1960

   This is a KENT POLARIS II, NO. 545, Made in Japan. Through research I have been able to date this model back to 1964. This looks to be 100% original. All electronics, pickups, and switches work. The bridge is not a set bridge and it is the roller adjustable style that was very common in the 60's and earlier. The pickguard is metal and when I took it off to check things out I noticed that the ground wire IS PROPERLY CONNECTED. The knobs and switch are plastic, as is the bridge made of a plastic type material with chrome roller adjusters. So this guitar is about 43 years old. The finish is good. The nicks are nothing more than you would expect. I did put a new set of strings on it.  The only two things that I notice that are worth mentioning is it is missing two plastic bushings around the tuning pegs and one bushing has a piece missing, though this is cosmetic only and does not affect playability or tuning at all. The other is it seems to me that at one time the nut must have come off and someone did not set it in the right position. When I put the strings on I noticed that the high E string has a little more space to the edge of the fretboard than the low E string does. You can just knock it off and you really don't have to glue it down at all. The string tension will hold it in place just like it does to the bridge. I would have done it but when I took this guitar in it had no strings on it, so I didn't notice it until I already strung it up. It's a solid guitar and in good condition and in fine working order. Thanks for looking.



Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2007-12-19)

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