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Harmony Acoustic Slide Guitar

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2007-11-17)
Price : US $26.00

Harmony Acoustic Slide Guitar Harmony Acoustic Slide Guitar Harmony Acoustic Slide Guitar Harmony Acoustic Slide Guitar

Let's face it, this guitar is shot -- but it sounds pretty good!  I don't believe this guitar can be salvaged for standard tuning, but I have it opened tuned and can play slide on it.  Here's what happened -- I bought this off of ebay where it was described as 'in great shape'.  Well, it does look nice, but the neck is warped or the steel in the 'Steel Reinforced Neck' is broken.  I tried to show it in the pictures.

When I got it, the truss rod (?) screw in the sound box was wicked tight.  The neck was back-bowed.  I was able to loosen the screw, which relieved the neck a bit.  I could barely play it in standard tuning, it was pretty buzz-y.  So I tuned it to open G and voila, a junk is salvaged.

I'm not much of a guitar player, but I think it sounds OK, and I'm using the piece of copper pipe in the picture for a slide.  I thought about putting a higher saddle in, but it's OK as is.

It's unfortunate because it looks like it was barely played.  There's one nick near the bottom of the sound box.  Otherwise all I did was buff it out with a dust rag.  I put the shiny picture on there just to show how clean the soundbox is.

If you play slide, or if you want a decent full size guitar your kid can strum and sound good without fretting, this is a good cheap throwaway.  I'll ship anywhere in the US via UPS Ground, and I'll just ship it free to make it easier on everyone.

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2007-11-17)

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