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KAY ACOUSTIC GUITAR plays like a dream

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2007-11-23)
Price : US $113.50

KAY ACOUSTIC GUITAR  plays like a dream KAY ACOUSTIC GUITAR  plays like a dream

Beautiful acoustic Kay Guitar with all the qualities that you need to play and play well. The finish has a few minor scratches, but only minor. The finish polishes up to a mirror like finish.  The neck is straight as an arrow.  You can play this guitar from the first fret to the last fret. This is a really important factor when considering the quality of a guitar.  There is absolutely no ware on the neck or any of the frets or fret bars.  All six tuning keys are tight in their place and turn properly and effortlessly. This guitar tunes readily and stays tuned.  When you walk away from it and then pick it up again, it will still be tuned when you start to play it.  If you check my site you will notice that I have a little vintage stella guitar made in the 1960's, in my description you will note that i am very cautious about claiming it to be a players guitar. It is a collectors guitar and best for viewing and display. Not so with this KAY model # K356BKS Dreadnaught Guitar hand crafted quality since 1890.  Low action, sounds and plays great. It sounds and plays as well as a Takamine that I own and play.  It actually tunes better.

If your looking for a well built guitar to begin to learn on or just to out right play and play often, you can't go wrong here.  I have played all types and brands of guitars for over  25 years and I definately recommend it. Good fret and string spacing makes it easy on a beginner's tender fingers and it yeilds a warm full sound so you can really hear what your playing.  Better bid early and get in on the bidding at

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2007-11-23)

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