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BC Rich Bich

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2007-11-17)
Price : US $350.00

BC Rich   Bich BC Rich   Bich BC Rich   Bich BC Rich   Bich BC Rich   Bich BC Rich   Bich BC Rich   Bich BC Rich   Bich

           BC RICH 'BICH' 

   Candy Apple Red - Fully Restored

          * UPDATE #2*  CONFIRMED BC RICH 'SON OF A RICH' MADE IN USA  about 1980

         I'm Selling this sweet BC Rich along with the rest of my fleet to show my love to my wife in hopes she will return to me. So far I have sold 2 guitars, my dirt bike and my violin. What I thought were my prized possessions are meaningless without my number 1. If anything I'm trying to keep the house till I get a better plan. So I'm cashing in my chips.This one would break my heart to let go if I had one left to break. ( My 59 LP Special is next-maybe) So I hope someone can help me out here.

 I don't know the age of this guitar but I got it on trade along with a new Fender accustic (to be on ebay soon) and a vcr for a Epiphone Fronteir model I had.That was about 1990ish and it was for sure a few years old by then. It had been refinished and covered with costume jewlery along with festive decorations. (the original color was yellow) The NYstar had been on it at that time. I was cabinet maker back then,(still in the biz just behind a computer now) and had done a lot of wood finishing. I had done a few other guitars and am very proud of the results on this one.As per Dupont after 3 coats of sealer their are 4 coats of met

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2007-11-17)

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