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Vintage Classical Spanish guitar

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2007-11-29)
Price : US $76.00

Vintage Classical Spanish guitar Vintage Classical Spanish guitar Vintage Classical Spanish guitar Vintage Classical Spanish guitar Vintage Classical Spanish guitar

Classical guitar for sale.  Approximately 39' long, 14.5' across bottom, 3.5' wide, 19 unmarked frets, neck approximately 2.25' wide at the 7th fret, sound hole approx 3 3/8' wide.  All wood-unknown type, hand made guitar.  This guitar was made in Spain per the label.  But the label has been partially ripped or fell off because of the age.  The remaining part of the label states: ' Made in Spain, Turis-Valencia'.  Label shows an inverted L followed by a diamond shape topped by a crown, and another L.  It shows pictures of oranges, a guitar and a young lady.  I am describing the label as much as I can in the hopes that potential buyers might identify the brand.  The instrument is light weight.  It was purchased in the 1960's in Puerto Rico for a teenage student.  I had this guitar stored for years and have not played it.  It uses nylon strings.  Strings need to be changed as they have not been changed in years.  It shows some light scratches by the sound hole as the guitar did not have a pick guard originally.  One of the pictures above shows the top edge of the guitar where a sticker was and it shows some dried-out glue or adhesive(it's not sticky as the sticker was removed years ago).  I have not tried to remove this because I don't want to damage the wood any further.  It includes a hard travel case.  The case is felt lined and has a small compartment for accessories.  

I preffer a local buyer from the Ra

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2007-11-29)

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