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Hamer Phantom (prototype)

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-07-22)
Price : US $365.00

Hamer Phantom (prototype) Hamer Phantom (prototype) Hamer Phantom (prototype) Hamer Phantom (prototype)

You are bidding on a fairly rare and unique instrument, a Hamer Phantom. I believe it is the prototype model based on my research. Its approximate year of production was 1984. What is unique in its design is the single coil in the neck position, and then a humbucker and single coil sharing the same bridge mounting ring. With the phase switch you get added pickup combinations in position 2 & 3. This is not a guitar for the feint of heart. It has lots of tele tones and single coil bark with humbucker power to back it up. Though it also has strat & tele tones galore, it is a forgiving guitar in terms of feel and playability. Just a brilliant design! The body wood I believe is solid Alder (fairly heavy guitar, about 9 pounds), rosewood fretboard, and the color is TV yellow.

I bought this guitar on Ebay several years ago. As seen in the pictures, a former owner decided to remove the finish to the bare wood on the neck. I'd never do this myself to a guitar, but I do like the feel of the raw wood on my hands as I play. The guitar likely had lots of owners and was played a lot. It's structurally sound however, neck straight, excellent fret condition, while sporting lots of scratches and dents. No huge gouges, but there are places where the paint is chipped away and the white primer is showing. You can also see in the pictures the screw on cap on one of the switches is missing (was like this when I purchased, just never felt compelled to replace since I enjoyed the tone of the guitar as is) and two of the black lock screws on the tuning post 2 and 5 are missing. I did not use the whammy bar much so tuning was not an issue. If you

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2008-07-22)

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