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Dean Mondo Mando Guitar Mandolin Bouzouki Mandola

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-07-27)
Price : US $172.50

Dean  Mondo Mando  Guitar  Mandolin  Bouzouki  Mandola Dean  Mondo Mando  Guitar  Mandolin  Bouzouki  Mandola

Up for sale is a Dean Mondo Mando. This is a very interesting instrument. Basically a 9-string, short scale (20.5') guitar with an A style mandola/bouzouki body. The low EAD strings are single. The GBE are double strung. I play Irish music and I've played around with the instrument in various tunings. DADGAD, drop D, octave mandolin/bouzouki. I've had my fun experimenting but its time to raise funds for other instruments.

It plays great and the sound is good. A bouzouki sounding guitar. The neck is straight, action fine. There are a couple of minor finish issues. I bought this from a music store that sells on eBay. When I received it, the intonation was way off and I had to move the bridge back quite a ways leaving a lighter patch where the bridge had been. It had obviously been hanging near the store's window and they had never bothered to set it up properly. The music store should have known better. I would think the color would darken in time. There are also a couple of very minor dings on the bottom side near the tailpiece. Sorry but there is not a case for this, but a banjo gig bag works although a little long.

The instrument is very red and a lot of fun to play. Thanks for looking.

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2008-07-27)

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