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ESP Edwards SG Electric Guitar MIJ Japan

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-07-24)
Price : US $469.00

ESP Edwards SG Electric Guitar MIJ Japan ESP Edwards SG Electric Guitar MIJ Japan ESP Edwards SG Electric Guitar MIJ Japan ESP Edwards SG Electric Guitar MIJ Japan

Today I have for auction an Edwards SG from my collection.  Most of you looking at this already know the great reputation Edwards has, but for those of you who don't you can check out reviews on harmony central or just search some guitar forums.
This guitar is an older model.  Check
to get an idea of the build specs.  These guitars are reproductions of other famous brand guitars at a better price, and most folks would say at a level of quality that is the same or higher even!

I bought this guitar to add to my collection and to be honest it's just sat around since I received it.  I took a little hiatus from playing right after receiving this and it's sat in my office at work so I feel it is time to get it in the hands of someone who will make proper use of it.  Someone will get a good deal here as my total buy it now price plus shipping is 1/2 of what a new one from japan would be!

For an older guitar this SG has held up very well.  I do not think it has been a gigging guitar for anyone because it is too nice cosmetically. If it was, the owner took very good care of it.  The finish is very nice and the guitar does not have any chips to speak of.  The neck is straight and free of cracks.
This is an older guitar though, so it is not in 'off the shelf' condition. I will try to list all the little details that I noticed - mind you, I am picky so some folks might not even notice some of this stuff - the guitar does some

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2008-07-24)

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