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Ibanez S Series w/a Vox Amp

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-08-11)
Price : US $237.50

Ibanez S Series w/a Vox Amp Ibanez S Series w/a Vox Amp Ibanez S Series w/a Vox Amp Ibanez S Series w/a Vox Amp

This is my first guitar and amp, something I picked up new at the Guitar Center about five years ago to learn to play. It's an Ibanez S-Series (unsure of exact model, but it's just a low-level one) that's purple and has all the parts included in the hard shell case. The amp is just a basic 15-watt Vox amp (model V9158) that's in ok condition. The input connect to the circuit board is a little loose and will need some soldering down the line, but as of now it still works properly. The guitar has a little ding on the front of the body and a little paint fading on a small section of the rear, and the amp has a few dings on the edges of the amp as well (not the front of the cabinet). As it was my primary setup for a few years while learning to play, it isn't in mint condition, but it is definitely in good condition.

This was my first guitar/amp combo and it's a very good beginner's rig. I'm including an analog guitar tuner, a variety of picks, a new set of strings, the tremolo bar, the guitar's allen wrench, a rag to wipe off the strings after playing, and a capo. The only thing you will need to start playing is a guitar cable, which isn't that expensive.

Shipping is high since I'm shipping two large, heavy items.

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2008-08-11)

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