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Customized 70's or 80's Gibson SG

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-08-16)
Price : US $470.00

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70's or 80's Gibson SG...

I bought this on eBay a while back and when it came....lets just say I wasn't very happy!   Someone painted it white (looked like it was applied with finger paints!) and it had the cheapest Epiphone pickups you could get.   So I took my time and took the entire guitar apart, sprayed it green, filled the (homemade) pickguard holes, and put in 3 GFS Dream 90 pickups.   This guitar SCREAMS!!!!!   I really hate to see it go, but I need some cash so I have to.   It seems to be one of those 'fretless wonder' Gibsons that you can set the action really low and it plays like butter.  The paint has a little bit of orange peel, but overall it's very nice.  The guitar presents itself very well and I get positive comments as soon as I open the case!  (yes the case is included, no it's not a gibson case).   The serial # is gone (from the last paint job), but I guarantee it's a Gibson.   I think it's from the mid-late 70's myself but I could be wrong.   The electronics are not original.  You will be happy with this one!  Pay by check, MO or Paypal.  Shipping is $35

.....NO, the serial # isn't in there, and wasn't on there when I got was gone from the paint job before...

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2008-08-16)

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