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1978 Fender Mustang (All Original)

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2006-03-12)
Price : US $428

1978 Fender Mustang (All Original) 1978 Fender Mustang (All Original) 1978 Fender Mustang (All Original)

Serial number - S824297 Natural woodgrain (Maple-Blond) in color with black pick guard / chrome pegs, bridge and hardware Guitar is in excellent shape aside from a few minor dings and worn pick guard from use. After having it appraised, it was valued at $800 - $1,000. Some Mustang Facts from'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'>

The mid '70s Fender Mustang Around 1976, the black pickguard (black-white-black) replaces the white pickguard, the volume and tone knobs are changed to black ones used on the Stratocaster, and the tremolo bar tip is changed from white to black. One piece maple neck is available as an option. Along with the rest of the Fender line-up, all Mustangs had Ash body around this time frame. Black-white-black plastic pickguards Ash body Optional one-piece Maple Neck Headstock numbers: PAT. 2,741,146 2,960,900 3,241,418 3,143,028 3,290,980 DES. 204,098

The late '70s to early '80s Fender Mustang In the late '70s, Antigua is added as a new color to the Mustang. In 1977, the serial numbers move to the headstock (from the neckplate). These have the ''S7xxxxx,'' ''S8xxxxx,'' and ''S9xxxxx'' serial number sequences. The ''S'' stands for ''Seventies'' (and later ''E'' stands for ''Eighties'') and the second digit denoting the year of the decade (i.e. S7=77, S8=78, and S9=79). All Mustangs made in the '80s wear the the ''S9xxxxx'' serial number. Fender probabaly made too many stickers in '79.

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2006-03-12)

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toto (IND) said...
this is a quite old article. i wonder if i won't get replied. Related to the article, i dont understand something here. i'll ask a general question then. why older vintage fender mustang here wasn't as pricey as older vintage-like say-gibson standard. as far as i'm concerned, the more vintage the product is, the more antique value it'd become. am i mistaking anything? becoz, the appraised guitar as mentioned above was valued around $800-$1000. In my own experience, i have a friend, he got himself a vintage Gibson stand elec guitar round '65. one man once approached him and checked on his guitar, and then offered him around $6000+ for him to sell the guitar. Thank u.