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K-150 Archtop

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2011-03-13)
Price : US $ 800.0

K-150 Archtop K-150 Archtop K-150 Archtop K-150 Archtop K-150 Archtop

Unique and rare guitar in excellent

original condition. Own a piece of

history and legend.

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2011-03-13)

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gtrman0042 said...
These can go for about $800-$1000. I believe this is said to be the Spanish model. I think it was the first electric Kay offered. That justifies the asking price. I own one myself that I got for $199 (with some issues), but it is well worth the work to bring it back. These came without a truss rod,so neck bow can be an issue. It is a part of guitar history. Buy them now while you can find them! I have a 1950 deluxe jumbo professional that is easily worth $1200-$1400. It has the original single notch/bushing perloid Kluson deluxe tuners. (easily $500 for the complete set) Gibson owners would jump through their skin to get at a good set, bushings and screws included, for that price. The one Lefty has in the picture is the jumbo professional version. Notice the body shape is fuller and rounder at the lower bout. I would estimate this to go for about $1,500-$1,700, possibly more. The higher end Kays are waking up in the market!

kayman said...
The guitar in the old black and white photo in not the same guitar as the one for sale. Look at the fret markers. The black and white photo has large block markers and a black or tortoise pick guard. The one for sale has dot markers and a white pickguard which is the more common variety. Also the paint is not the same. The photo looks like the darker tobaco burst not the amber colored burst...hmmm. Well, I like the guitar but I don't get the point of the photo or the piece of history thing

vacuumtubefreak said...
it is a nice guitar, but let me know if you get that kind of loot for it, ...i have one i'd like to sell also... u might get 300something...500 hella pushing it...but if you can get the 8 bills, hallelujah, people are crazy these days!!