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1984 Gibson Explorer Designer series

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-08-20)
Price : US $560.00

1984 Gibson Explorer Designer series 1984 Gibson Explorer Designer series 1984 Gibson Explorer Designer series

1984 Gibson Explorer Designer series
Original gold plated hardware, electronics, locking tremolo system
great playing low action, low miles- been disassembled and unplayed for last 18 years
I bought this guitar used in 1987 because I liked explorers and this one played as good as any I had ever picked up. It had the 'Designer' Van Halen-type automotive pinstripe tape all over the body under the urethane clear coat. Not only did it look terrible, but the clear coat was separating from the white lacquer underneath in spots. in about 1990, I carefully stripped the body only and sprayed it with lacquer, but when it came to matching the beautiful amber/ivory color that attracted me to the guitar in the first place, I could not find or make a clear coat that I was satisfied with at the time. I got another guitar and put this in the closet where it remained until this year. I found a high quality urethane that when sprayed over the lacquer, matched the original color quite well. I left it satin because I liked the look. Flaws are minor and visible only on close inspection (most visible is where the new clearcoat overlaps the old by 1/8' at the neck joint so that there would not be any place where moisture could get in), neck and upward is original and has some minor wear.

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2008-08-20)

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