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Digitech Vocalist Live 4

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-08-16)
Price : US $375.00

Digitech Vocalist Live 4 Digitech Vocalist Live 4 Digitech Vocalist Live 4

     My Pedal Board speaks for itself.  I've made all the mistakes along the way and I've learned that you pretty much have to spend the big bucks if you want the sound your looking for.  Some cheaper pedals sound great, but their just not going to be compatible with all your other stuff.

      That being said, this is the best vocal pedal on the market.  I've tried them all.  The only pedal that has anything on the Vocalist Live 4 is the TC Helicon Harmony G, but that thing isn't even as close to being 'User Friendly' as the Vocalist Live 4.

      You also don't have the wealth of Harmonies.  The TC Helicon only gives you 2 voices, while the Digi here can give you 4, all in different keys.

      Buying this pedal is better than buying a new one cause I've reset all the factory presets.   You can of course switch them back if you like and I include the original factory manuel, but I wouldn't.  Some of the best effects come through experimenting and if you do reset the unit... I suggest you run through the gear a few times and write down some of the cool voicing that I've created.

     For instance, I created a PoP Music setting by cranking the Pitch Correction up real high.  This Digitally corrects almost everyth

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2008-08-16)

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