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Ibanez 442R

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-08-28)
Price : US $299.99

Ibanez 442R Ibanez 442R Ibanez 442R Ibanez 442R Ibanez 442R Ibanez 442R Ibanez 442R Ibanez 442R Ibanez 442R

This is a used Japanese made Ibanez sn: F200875. This model was made between 1991 and 92. It has a very  glossy transparent ruby red  3 piece body, 22 fret maple neck, 5 position switch, 2 single coil and one humbucker pickups. The pickups are stock S2, S3 and V6 units. The bridge saddles are individually adjustable similar to a Strat. There is no locking nut and the vibrato bar is missing. The tuners are chrome Grovers. Some of the black finish is worn off the neck plate and screws. The cover plate for the vibrato unit and selector switch tip are missing. The frets are in excellent shape and it plays buzz free. The pickups sound similar to a Strat and the bridge is like a  DiMarzio. There is no coil tapping function. The neck feels similar to one's found on  RG 550 guitars. There are a couple of small nicks on the edge and back of the body but they are very shallow. There are no cracks or damage to the body or neck. For a used guitar it is in excellent shape, not 100% mint but not abused either. It looks like an early ''S'' series Satriani model. There is no case. It is SOLD AS IS. Good Luck. If you are an overseas buyer please understand that  delivery may be delayed due to processing by the buyers Customs Service procedures.

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2008-08-28)

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