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Takamine EG560C Blue stain

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-08-30)
Price : US $187.00

Takamine EG560C Blue stain Takamine EG560C Blue stain Takamine EG560C Blue stain Takamine EG560C Blue stain

The G Series from Takamine has created great controversy. Play a G Series guitar and you're apt to think it's one of the finest acoustic/ electrics made. That's because it is. Actually, each one is made under the commanding rule of the luthiers who hand craft the guitars of the pros. Which is precisely why the G Series feel so good, and sound so good.

OK, that's what a couple of internet retailers and Takemine say about the G-series guitars.  Here's what I know:

#1 This guitar is used.  It must have been refurbed by the manufactuer as it is stamped ''USED'' on the back of the headstock (see image).  Also just above the ''USED'' stamp you will see the only flaw I can find on her.  A very small nick at the top of the headstock (on back).  I used a Sharpie and colored it in.  If you don't know it's there you would never notice it.

#2  She (why do we give femmine personnas to inanamate objects we treasure) is the coolest blue color.  I'm a pretty traditional guy but I have to say this is nice.

#3  The electronics work fine and she sounds great!  I'm surprised by the volume unplugged .  She sounds bright and crisp.  Ampliphied the sound is full and rich.  This was my first acoustic/electric.  I am very pleased.

#4  The reason I'm selling her

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2008-08-30)

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mike dillon said...
i have the same guitar today...all my session players want her...her thin neck is awesome for pics of the blue racer