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Ibanez S540LTD

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2007-02-19)
Price : GBP300

Ibanez S540LTD Ibanez S540LTD Ibanez S540LTD Ibanez S540LTD Ibanez S540LTD Ibanez S540LTD

This is a 1991 Ibanez S540LTD in Purple Neon and the spec is as follows: Mahogany body with pearlescent purple neon finish. Maple neck with rosewood board and sharktooth inlays (43mm width at the nut). Ibanez Lo Pro (Floyd-Rose style) vibrato and locking nut. Ibanez F1 humbucking neck pickup, C3 single coil middle pickup and a Seymour Duncan JB4 Jeff Beck humbucker at the bridge. 5-way pickup selector. Strap locks. Hard case.

This is a great sounding guitar, especially since the JB was installed at the bridge, which has improved the tone even more. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a one-trick guitar – a wide variety of tones can be had from all-out rock, through fairly convincing Strat tones to woody jazz from the neck unit. The 5-way pickup selector splits the coils of the bridge or neck humbuckers in the positions 2 and 4 and mixes them with the single coil to give those classic Hendrix Strat tones.

This is a Japanese-made Ibanez and really is of superior build quality to the modern Korean ones. These older guitars are becoming increasingly sought-after. Overall, the guitar is in very good condition for a 15-year old, with only a very small ding on the front and small ding and a scratch on the lower edge of the body, which will be unseen by you and your audience unless you play guitar with your teeth. Frets are in good condition.

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2007-02-19)

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