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'88 Ovation Balladeer 4681

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-09-09)
Price : US $250.00

1988 Ovation Balladeer 4681
This is a great sounding, well-aged Ovation acoustic electric.   The serial number is 369399, indicating it was built in 1988.  I'm the only owner and it has seen some great times.  I played this guitar in churches all over the midwest, in camps and for concerts as well.  There are some noticable flaws - Ovation guitars are infamous for finish cracks due to temperature changes.  One winter, someone from a church I was playing at opened the case before the guitar had a chance to warm up and the finish cracked as a result.  The cracks are not in the solid spruce top.   There is also a slight scuff on the super-shallow bowl body.
So this guitar is not in mint condition, its not new, but it sounds amazing when amplified.  The super-shallow body means there is not much volume when its not plugged in, but hook it up to an amp or PA and you will not believe how clear and pleasing the tone is.  The spruce is 20 years old!  That's the secret, believe me.  Its a dream to play as well.  I bought a jumbo Taylor which sounds like a symphony, but the Ovation plays easier.  The jumbo frets and thin neck make it a joy to fingerstyle or pick.  If you want soloing, those frets make your life so much easier, especially at the 12th fret!
This may be the guitar you need.  Can't afford the new Ovations?  This one will sound as good, if not better than any new Ovation you play.  Easily better than a ''Celebrity'' model a

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2008-09-09)

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