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Epiphone Les Paul Jr and 2 Amps

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-09-14)
Price : US $138.01

Epiphone Les Paul Jr  and 2 Amps Epiphone Les Paul Jr  and 2 Amps Epiphone Les Paul Jr  and 2 Amps Epiphone Les Paul Jr  and 2 Amps

For sale are several Epiphone items.  One; is an Epiphone ''Les Paul Jr.'' beginers guitar.  These usually run around $149.00 new.  Great starter instrument.  This one is in pretty much mint condition.  Almost ''Like New''.  Two; is a small practice amp to go with it.  Three; is a deluxe Hardshell case that is better than anything that would come from Gibson, Fender, or Rickenbacker.  Easly, in used condition, worth over $100.00.  You'd be hard pressd to find one with the protective qualities of this one.  Very nice with a compartment for tuner, patch, picks, etc...I used to keep my Rickenbacker 4001 Bass in it.  Finally, four; is an Epiphone Guitar Amp which has two speakers in it.  It is used and looks used (but not abused).  It still sounds great but has two issues.  Number one is that it is missing some corners.  You, of course, can get those through Antique Electronic Supply (I'll include the catalogue).  Two is that it is missing the ''Rate'' pot which is part of the Depth function.  It's a 100K pot but the difficult thing about it is the shaft needs to be about 3/16 and the one I bought for it is 3/8.  I'll include this pot.  If you get with a good music store, you could probably find one with the right shaft size.   Very simple and straight forward to fix.  Everything else about the amp works: Reverb, Gain, etc...  The sound is great and appears to me to del

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2008-09-14)

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