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1970's Gibson L6 S Natural Finish L6S L 6S

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-09-21)
Price : US $365.00

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1970's model Gibson L6-S

Up for auction is a 70's Gibson L6-S guitar, serial #656853. I purchased this guitar on ebay 2 yrs. ago.  Unfortunately, it was damaged in shipping and the headstock broke off.  The damage is at the base of the headstock, nearly even with the nut and to the top E string tuning peg.  The break was clean, with the grain of the wood. I had it professionally repaired by a luthier at Sky Music in Denton, TX.  Now, the repaired area is solid and the break is barely noticeable.

The body of the guitar has some water damage just below the input jack and tone knob and running around to the back cover.  This damaged occurred long before I bought it.  There is a pink discoloration transferred from the lining of the case and some laquer cracking on the front from the water.  The pictures make the damage appear much worse than it is.  I believe it could be easily sanded out and refinished.  The damage is cosmetic and does not affect the playability or tone of the guitar.  Because it sat in water, the case has a strong musty smell and loose vinyl on the bottom front side.  I will ship the guitar in the case for protection purposes only.  You may want to store it elsewhere.  I have kept the guitar on a guitar stand or in another case.  There are a few minor scratches aside from the water issue: one on the back of the neck at the ninth fret, one between the volume knob and pickguard.  These are very minor on a guitar this age.%

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2008-09-21)

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BLR said...
That\'s a L6-S Deluxe, Prince used to have one, as well as Mike Oldfield.

Jim Mosley said...
That is not an L6S It is a L6 deluxe big defference