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Rickenbacker 330 6 String Blonde

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-09-19)
Price : US $863.77

Rickenbacker 330 6 String Blonde Rickenbacker 330 6 String Blonde Rickenbacker 330 6 String Blonde Rickenbacker 330 6 String Blonde Rickenbacker 330 6 String Blonde Rickenbacker 330 6 String Blonde

This is a unique Rickenbacker 330 6 String Guitar. It offers a great opportunity for someone who loves the Rickenbaker sound but doesn't want to shell out the Rickenbaker bank.
I bought this guitar at a local vintage shop in 2001. Later I learned that the previous owner was in fact an acquaintance of mine. Subsequently he was able to give me a little back story on the guitar. Between him and the shop owner they concluded that it is likely a late 80's model. I can't be sure of that, but that was their best educated guess. It apparently was originally a black guitar. The previous owner had it stripped and lacquered. The result is what you see in the pictures. I think it's quite rustic looking myself.

Seeing as this is not the original finnish, the collector's value of this guitar is not all that high. Instead this is a playing man's Rickenbaker. It has been stored in it's case for the past couple of years however, with very little playing. I think that has been a real shame, so I've decided to sell it. I've since taken it out of the case, re-tensioned the strings, tuned it up, and have been testing it out over the past couple of days. All the electronics work. As to be expected with such old stings I've found the playing to be a little bit buzzy when fretting down by the nut. I'm sure new strings will go a long way to remedy this, but nevertheless I believe the guitar is due for a Set-Up. I've been using relatively heavy strings for a guitar with such a long neck and found that it often took a few days to let the neck settle whenever I strung it up. If you prefer lighter strings then a set-up will definitely

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2008-09-19)

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