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Daion Power Mark XX /TAN

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-12-12)
Price : US $ 1200

Daion Power Mark XX /TAN Daion Power Mark XX /TAN Daion Power Mark XX /TAN Daion Power Mark XX /TAN Daion Power Mark XX /TAN Daion Power Mark XX /TAN Daion Power Mark XX /TAN Daion Power Mark XX /TAN Daion Power Mark XX /TAN

Mint Condition Cult Guitar 1982

Serial Number : 821057

All parts original

Natural Ash/Rosewood finish

Ebony fingerboard

Brass hardware with original case

Bonus: Roland GK2 Midi Pickup+ 13 pins cord.

Paris, France

Shipping Worldwide
Paypal Payment

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2008-12-12)

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Lennie said...
Hi, I'm interested in your Daion Power Mark XX. Is it still for sale? How much would shipping to Sweden be? Thanks, Lennie

jimmydwighthodges said...
I also own the creature Daion Power Mark XX. I say creature on account of once you do the old strap&tune routine, you have a living breath partner hooked around yer neck; youmove it moves, you dance ,it dances, you cry it cries, only better! If you bought it for 1200 clams that means it probably didn't come with the aligator case,beautiful inside and out. also there is a 9volt battery inside theax, make sure it ain't dead. ride safe, bro, yer pal J.D. Hodges

Nigel Nicholls said...
Hi I am very interested in your Daion Power Mark XX - delivery would be to UK. Is this still for sale? Thanks Nigel

Thomas Powers said...
Do you still have this guitar

Geoff Patenaude said...
One must ask first-is this guitar still for sale ?

bill said...
what a beauty!!!!!!!!!!! i own some acoustic daion guitars and i have played some electric daions as well.this company made some very beautifully crafted instruments. this guitar is worth every penny!!!!!!